Wang 16勝, 教練對Wang的評價

"Ace takes game to new level thanks to Guidry's guidance"

教練 Joe Torre
"The thing that is probably most important is that he knows what he has to do"
"He was great today, I told him at the end of the dugout, 'Nice going.' He said, 'Too many walks.'"

投手教練 Ron Guidry
"When you start committing early to those pitches at 93-plus when he’s throwing his changeup like he did today, it's hard to hit (the offspeed stuff)"
"That's all he's doing. His pitches are a lot better and a lot crisper."
"But you worry about him, and you worry about pitch count. He's more important to this team than throwing a no-hitter."
"If he continues to pitch for another 10 years, he might get one later on."

Robinson Cano
"We need to start winning some games if we want to make the playoffs. We're a half-game up for the wild card, but we're not worried about the wild card. We're just trying to win games."


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